Top 10 male auditions of all time from The Voice

The Voice aims to find the best singing talent all around the world. There have been some true stars to grace the show. These male blind auditions are the best of the best.

This compilation of incredible male singers demonstrates the wide variety of voices that exist across the world. Most of these men represent the United Kingdom, but some come from Portugal, Holland, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

These men did not choose easy songs to sing either. In fact, some of their numbers are bold choices originally sung by powerhouse female singers such as Adele and Sia.

Watch as Mateusz Ziolko gives the coaches goosebumps with his unforgettable performance. Be amazed by Jason Jones, whose unique sound made the coaches fight over him.

Most of these contestants get four turns from the coaches without question. Their mind-blowing performances proved that these men are diamonds in the rough just waiting to be cut and polished.

Each singer brings something different to the table. The four professional coaches know talent when they hear it. They are unwilling to work with just anyone – they want rising stars.

Sit back and prepare to be blown away by the best male voices to come out of The Voice. You will be just as floored as the coaches and find yourself out of your seat cheering these talented singers on.

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