Top 10 Outstanding Performances on “The Voice Global”

Woman singing on The Voice

Believe it or not, NBC’s reality talent show “The Voice” is entering its 21st season, a decade after “The Voice of Holland” inspired an American version that began airing in 2011. Over 20 seasons, the series has combined a group of expert vocal coaches with aspiring singers without a contract, who enters the scene thrilling the judges with that all-important blind audition that reduces prejudice.

Season 21 of The Voice is well underway, and the contestants who went viral with their performances at Blind Audition are off to a great start. While it is important to win over coaches during the blind audition process, it is actually the audience responsible for choosing a winner each year.

The Voice’s most popular blind audition of season 20 came from Benjamin Haycock, who closed episode 2 this season and was given a round of four chairs to audition from him. The 24-year-old from Devon performed his song Restlessness for his blind audition.

Man singing on The Voice

However, deciding who would win the battle and who would go further in the competition opted for Broken Pen, although he admitted it was a “difficult” decision.

Turning around the red chairs is just as important as putting on a great performance that can go viral among fans on YouTube. Also, even if things don’t go well for these singers, they will always have these moments in their career to remind fans of who they are.

The Voice “seeks to spice up the proceedings with a new judge and many incredible artists, making this season one to watch if you are a fan of the feel-good format.

It is normal for this series to air two nights a week, although, in season 20, the show has been reduced for a few weeks to a weekly night.

The season 21 coaching roster includes Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend, with Carson Daly as host. Nick Jonas, who acted as manager in season 18 and season 20, is out. He is replaced by Ariana Grande, who is apparently a fan of the show and has been negotiating to appear on it for some time.

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