This Tortoise Is The OLDEST Land Animal On Earth. Watch What THIS Vet Is Doing To Him! Inspiring.

It is common knowledge that we love animals. We do. When it comes to animals we simply can not get enough of them. We go out of our way to learn as much as we can about them, devouring any information we can get about them, it’s just not enough though!

In addition to looking up all the information we can about animals we also love to watch animal videos. We’re all guilty of watching one too many animal videos but what can we say? They make us happy and put a smile on our face, plus we don’t feel bad about watching them.

Well this is one video that you’ll definitely want to see. In this video you will meet Jonathon. Jonathon is the oldest living animal in the world. He is estimated to be around 184 years old and he is a Giant Tortoise. Can you imagine living to be 184 years old? We know we can’t!

These days Jonathon spends the majority of his time lounging around his current home on Helena Island but one day Dr. Joe Hollins decided that Jonathon needed his first ever shell bath. That is what you will witness in this video, of Dr. Hollins giving Jonathon his first ever bath in 184 years! Wow that must be some soap he used!

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