How To Trap A Cat Using Only One Item

By now all of us cat owners of the world have debunked the mystery of managing to control our feline overlords. Mainly, that we cannot. But what if I told you there was a hack you could use to trap a cat and that no cats would be harmed or frightened by this trick? Would you try it?

Famous YouTube kitties Cole and Marmalade are here to prove that cats will sit in just about any circle you lay out for them. Masking tape circle? Check. Though Marmalade doesn’t make for the greatest example. Circle crafted out of string? Probably. And for the best results, try a circle made out of paper, or better yet, just put out a box. A hatbox is usually round, so if you have one, try it. It’s round and I bet your cats will sit in it. Actually, they would probably sit in any box, so maybe the hatbox has an advantage over other circles.

Professor Daniel Mills, an animal expert in the U.K., tells the Daily Mail he thinks this is because cats like enclosed spaced with low barriers and seem to think, cunningly, though wrong, that we can’t see their ears perking up when they crouch down. Whatever the reason, it makes for a hilarious and simple social experiment and offers maybe the one and only time you’ll ever be able to coax your cat into doing something you actually want him to.

May the circles be ever in your favor.

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