Treat yourself to the London Symphony Orchestra – Christmas Classics – Full Album

What’s your favorite musical genre? I’m the type of person that has many as favorite. It’s probably because I lived in the South of Arizona, I’m a real country music fan. I grew up watching Rodeo Tournaments on ESPN and listening to Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Tim McGraw, and George Strait. Growing up in the country was probably the best thing that happened to me, but like most young guys there, I wanted to move to the big city and see what it had to offer.

Once I got there, I wanted to experience everything. One of the first things that I did was go to the theater. The theater got me my first dose of musical plays. I must admit that the first time I attended a play, I thought it would be very boring. The thought of seeing people acting and listen to them sing made no sense to me. But when I saw them perform, I was mesmerized. They were very good. I thought the singing would be very bad, but the singers were excellent.

One of the things that going to the theater brought me, was the chance to hear an orchestra. Back in the country, I had never heard any orchestras. The day that I experienced it, it was like nothing I had ever seen or listened to before. The way the violins sound, the way the conductor can make everything sound absolutely majestic always baffled me.

After that, I became hooked. I would always go to see them when they were in town. Going to see the orchestra gave way to going to see the latest opera singer. I saw the best orchestras in the United States and the world perform. I became a classical music enthusiast and a CD collector. Music stores became stakeout places for the latest music.

After so many years, classical music has been a part of my life. Since then, I loved listening to concerts every weekend if I could. One thing that I always wanted, was to get the perfect Christmas album in classical music. I had a few CDs that included a couple of songs each. But I could never find a CD that had every song I had always wanted.

I searched high and low until I found this next Christmas present. It contains over 26 Christmas songs, performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra. All the Christmas hits you always wanted to listen to, in one place. I guarantee you will like this CD, even if you’re not a classical music enthusiast!