Trooper catches dog jumping out of a window during a traffic stop

During a traffic stop on a highway, Trooper Silver caught a dog that jumped out of the car. He was right by the window and quickly grabbed the large canine in his arms.

Trooper Silver pulled a car over for speeding and talked to the driver. The camera on his chest showed that he was being friendly with a tiny pug in the front seat.

It was a bright and sunny day, and many vehicles passed by them. Silver was having a friendly conversation with the driver while the pug was using his cuteness to split his attention.

The driver of the car was looking for information that Silver requested. She reached across to the glove compartment and didn’t realize her dogs were getting restless in the car.

Silver’s chest camera didn’t reveal the other dog in the back of the car until the dog was already darting out the window. The driver shouted when her dog tried to escape.

With quick reflexes, Silver caught the dog in his arms like a net. The camera footage went black since the dog was up against his chest.

On Silver’s vehicle, the dashboard camera caught the moment the dog hopped out and into the trooper’s arms. He let the driver and canines go, leaving them with only a warning.

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Trooper catches dog jumping out of a window during a traffic stop