TV’s famous ‘Flex Paste’ boat: Fake or fact?

Inside Edition put the Flex Paste claims to the ultimate test creating an entire boat made from the product and sending it onto a lake.

Flex Paste has quickly become one of the most popular infomercial products in America, thanks mostly to the outrageous claims made by its creator and founder.

The team at Inside Edition joined engineering students and a master woodcutter to test two of the most incredible claims – that it can seal a gushing barrel, and that it can support an entire boat.

This humorous and entertaining video shows both tests, with remarkable results. The wood barrel seals in less than five seconds, while the boat shockingly runs without a single leak.

No matter what the team tries to do with Flex Paste, it passes test after test, showing how successful it can be against any leak.

Of course, the creator of the product was thrilled with the outcome, as probably are all of his fans. It was a fun and educational video that showed the true capabilities of an amazing product.

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