Two birds face off in a dance competition – their owners are in hysterics!

Our pets regularly show off their hidden talents and we’ve seen some incredible abilities from our domesticated animals down the years. From cats opening doors to dogs singing along with their owners playing the piano and everything in between – they continually surprise us with their antics!

But move over cats and dogs – anything you can do, birds can do better! These two characters wanted to show their talents when one of their moms decided to play some dance music. Jonathon – the colorful macaw parrot, and Sadie – a white Major Mitchell cockatoo, decided to go head to head (or beak to beak) in a classic, dance-off challenge.

Haddaway’s 1993 smash hit ‘What is Love’ is the obvious song of choice, and Sadie wastes no time at all in getting down to that instantly recognisable beat. Jonathon is a little more reluctant, possibly wondering why on earth his mom is making him do this! He’s worried he’s going to make a fool of himself in front of everyone watching – which is pretty much like most guys when they go to clubs! That macaw is too cool for school!

With Sadie storming into an early lead with her head-bobbing funk-a-thon, Jonathon eventually decides to join in – and actually finds he quite likes it! Maybe this dance thing isn’t so bad after all?! With the two birds really getting into it, it’s going to be tough to decide a winner – but Sadie has got one or two tricks up her wing!

The cockatoo decides to up the ante with a flashy wing move, while still rocking out with the head-bob. Jonathon knows he’s been beaten. “Can we just go home now?” he seems to say! But he’s not without his admirers, as the video has been watched nearly 3 million times on YouTube alone. “These birds dance better than I do” one commenter hilariously writes. We think they’ve got a future on America’s Got Talent for sure!

These two beautiful creatures – most likely rescue birds – put on a great show and are clearly enjoying this classic dance number. We think it’ll actually make you want to get up and join them – like Sadie’s mom does at one point in the video. Dancing is catching after all!

Don’t miss this amazing video and decide for yourself who you think won the battle of the birds’ dance-off. We think it’s pretty obvious – but they both deserve a round of applause for taking part!