Two Cats Are Checking Out A Giant Ball Of Ice… Now Watch What The Tiny Kitten Does!

Summer can be one of the toughest seasons for almost every kind of pet, especially the fluffier kinds. It’s much more difficult to regulate your body temperature when the sun’s up and the temperatures are high when you have a whole lot of fur covering your entire body! For dogs, the simplest solutions are always the best, and when it comes to heat, nothing like splashing in the nearest body of water you can find to do the deed.

But for cats, refreshing in the summer can be much trickier. Just look at the adorable felines in the following video! They have a soak-free method of refreshment that works like a charm, and it’s all thanks to their amazing owner. A Japanese woman came up with this simple yet effective method for cats only: A big ball of ice!

The woman froze over a water balloon and removed the latex, so that only the round icy goodness remained. After that, all that she did is let the ball of ice in a glass container outside, and let her ten cats do the rest. Before long, they were licking and gnawing the ball of ice all together, and they seem to love the new solution for the heat!

You can watch these adorable moment of refreshment featuring ten cats in the video right below.

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