Two Cats Discover Shark in The Bathtub and Don’t Know What to Do

Remember Cole and Marmalade, the two adorable cats who, together with their loving human, have made a few videos that made us laugh? One of our favorites was the video of how to survive working with cats! And we also love that video they made of what cats do at night.

Well, these two felines are at it again and in this clip, we can see just how curious they are, but never curious enough to get in the water, even when they object they desire is swimming around in it. Check out this new video of Cole and Marmalade!

These two cuties are in the bathroom, and they discover something in the bathtub! It’s a shark! Well, a toy shark that is, and it’s swimming around the bathtub.

Cole and Marmalade are a little confused about this strange thing swimming around the water. Marmalade seems quite curious and is interested enough to try to catch it as swims by, but you’ll have to watch and see how she feels about her paw getting wet. Cole? Well, he’s watching, but there is no way he’s going to get wet.

When his pet parent takes the shark out of the water though, he’s more than willing to explore whether or not he can eat it. It’s amazing how entertaining these two can be. Watch the video and see how they react to a shark in the tub. They want to catch it, but they don’t want to get wet! Typical cat behavior!

Two Cats Discover Shark in The Bathtub and Don\'t Know What to Do