Two Children Found In Bad Conditions. I Was Blown Away By The Compassion of Two Pastors.

Yes, it’s hard to raise children in the best of times. But there are also times when there are people who have no business being parents. There are homeless parents out there that can raise kids in a shelter, but if they are doing drugs too, then that’s just not fair to the kids. They need something better. Pastors Krystal and Ronnie Stewart showed some of the most compassion I’ve seen in a long time when two babies were found near a church with homeless parents.

The babies were found in filthy condition outside the church. The parents were homeless and drug addicts. Both Krystal and Ronnie offered to take the boys home to wash them and give them a comfortable place to sleep. How bad was it? Both were covered in bug bites and one of them had skin sloughing off their feet. They cleaned them – it required TWO consecutive baths – and gave them a warm place to stay. Little did they know it was just the beginning of their journey.

The Stewarts saw the parents again, this time with a social worker in tow. The social worker said that the boys would be taken to a foster home if they didn’t take them on for longer. The couple had fallen in love with the boys and happily agreed. They had to pay a fee and sign some papers and then the boys would be there. The irony? Krystal had a hysterectomy and they were lamenting no more children a few days before this all happened.

It also took a good amount of self-reflection by the homeless parents of the kids to let them go. They had to have known that they wouldn’t be able to provide a good life for the two boys, especially if they were still addicted to drugs. The two children didn’t ask to be born into this situation and they are so lucky that the Stewarts had room in their hearts and home to be able to give them a better life.

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