This Type Of Attack In Mother Nature Has Rarely Ever Been Filmed Before

In this new and extremely amazing video clip; watch as a crocodile chomps down on a lion trying to swim across a South African river.

As you know, life in the African wild is extremely difficult. But how often do we see the predators at the top of the food chain, lions, facing almost certain death by crocodile attack?

The short clip starts by showing the lion standing at the water’s edge as the lion plans its trip across it.

Seconds later it dives into the water and starts to paddle to the other side. But before the lion can even get fully into the water, we see a crocodile head pop up at the 8-second mark and quickly close in on its fresh prey.

The crocodile does not hesitate and suddenly turns to chase after the lion.

“Oh my God,” the woman filming the video says as she sees the crocodile closing in on the swimming lion.

For several seconds the crocodile gets closer to the lion. The camera zooms in and at the 17-second mark, we see the crocodile open its jaws and attempt to take a bite out of the lion’s side. Just at that second the lion turns to face the crocodile.

But both animals go underwater as the crocodile gets its jaws around the lion’s body.

After both animals are submerged in the river, the lion suddenly bursts to the surface of the water seemingly unharmed. It then hops as fast as it can to the other side as another crocodile spots it and tries to get in for a bite as well.

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