Unit 4 Plus 2’s ‘Concrete and Clay’ in 1965 brings the nostalgia

The year was 1965, and British pop band Unit 4 Plus 2 had just knocked the Rolling Stones off the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart with their smash hit, ‘Concrete and Clay’. The band was formed in the early 60s by Brian Parker, a member of British star Adam Faith’s backing band, The Roulettes. Parker recruited Buster Meikle on vocals and guitar, Tommy Moeller on vocals and piano, and Peter Moules on bass. They later added Rod Garwood (bass) and Hugh Halliday (drums) to become the “+2” of their namesake.

By 1965, Unit 4 Plus 2 was joined by two guest musicians, Bob Henrit and Russ Ballard, who became full members in 1967. Their single ‘Concrete and Clay’ topped the British charts, but their success was short-lived as attempts to find a suitable follow-up single failed to catch fire on the charts. Nevertheless, the band tried to keep up with the changing times and moved towards psychedelic music.

Unit 4 Plus 2 released 16 singles and two albums in England between 1964 and 1969. They are mostly remembered for their hit song ‘Concrete and Clay’. The song reached number 9 on the US Billboard Easy Listening chart and 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Interestingly, Unit 4 Plus 2’s version of the song competed on the charts with a rival version recorded by singer Eddie Rambeau. Still, both recordings were unable to attain the attention that they deserved.

While scrolling through my feed, I recently came across this classic hit and was thrilled to find a fabulous stereo remix of the song, originally recorded in mono. Bettie Donovan expressed her gratitude for posting this song, mentioning that she hadn’t heard it since it was on the charts. Next, Mr. Wildcat, who had never heard the song before, commented on how much he loves finding hidden gems on this channel. Robert Orick agreed with Bettie Donovan, commenting on the excellent stereo remix of the song. Finally, Danny Miles mentioned how often he used to hear the song on the radio.

‘Concrete and Clay’ by Unit 4 Plus 2 is a timeless classic that still sounds great today. Its folksy vibe reminds me of today’s faux folk groups like Mumford And Sons and The Lumineers. If you’re like Mr. Wildcat and haven’t heard this song before, or if you’re like Bettie Donovan and haven’t heard it in years, I highly recommend listening. Share it with your friends and family because it’s a song that deserves to be remembered and cherished.

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Unit 4 Plus 2\'s \'Concrete and Clay\' in 1965 brings the nostalgia