This Unorthodox Judge Gives This Woman Who Abused Her Dog The Perfect Sentence For Her Crime!

We have all heard of the criminal justice system. In face some of us may have even had to experience this system first hand. Hopefully if that is the case you learned your lesson after the first time and never had to go back. Well if you do you just might get to meet this Ohio judge who isn’t messing around.

In Painesville, Ohio there is a judge who has made a name for himself, for giving out unique, unheard of punishments. This is one judge who isn’t playing around. He says that his goal is to try to get people to change their behavior at the beginning of their criminal history so that they put a stop to their bad behavior. In order to achieve this the judge takes careful consideration of each and every case and looks to see what he can do to help the individual see the error of their ways.

In this featured video you will see the result of what his judge thought would be an appropriate punishment for a woman who plead guilty of animal cruelty. The woman, Alysa Morrow, left her Pitbull mix dog, Moose, in her house for a full week. Moose was left without food or water and was in bad shape when he was finally rescued. The house was in terrible condition, comparable to a “hoarders” home the house was covered in garbage and waste. Luckily for Moose he never has to go back there again.

When this judge read about what Moose went through he decided the only fair punishment was to have Ms. Morrow suffer the same as her dog. So she was given a choice, jail time or eight hours at the city dump. This is one judge who isn’t messing around, hopefully he was able to teach this woman her lesson and the error of her ways.

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