US Marines sing their hearts out to classic gospel hit ‘Days of Elijah’

US Marines singing ‘Days of Elijah’

A video of a group of US Marines singing the praise and worship song ‘Days of Elijah’ is taking the internet by storm.

Gathered in an auditorium at Camp Pendleton in California, the Marines were filmed by Merrie Pardee Baldwin. She had posted it to her Facebook page.

She, along with her husband, volunteer every second Sunday for worship services at Camp Pendleton. Merrie could not resist recording the video and sharing it with the world, seeing the camaraderie among the Marines.

US Marines sing their hearts out to classic gospel hit ‘Days of Elijah’

‘Days of Elijah’ is a worship song based on Psalm 91. It was written by Robert Mark in the mid-90s in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He wrote the song because he believes that the Old Testament stories are as relevant today as when they were first told.

When you study the lyrics, it becomes clear why these Marines were so invested in singing this song. It is a message of hope and unity in the face of great trials, which Marines can relate to.

They even had a kind of dance routine to go along with the words and punctuated the chorus with their own “Oorah” every once in a while.

The video has garnered close to 5 million views on Youtube thanks to the infectious sense of joy and brotherhood in the performance of the Marines.

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