This Veteran Has Suffered Through A Lot Of Pain. Watch When He Gets On A Horse For The First Time…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PSTD, is suffered by people who have been put in extremely stressful situations over a period of time. Whilst is not limited to affecting veterans, it is very common in veterans who have faced combat.

Since was first labeled ‘shellshock’ in the First World War, studies on PTSD have been hard pressed to find good treatment methods that have positive outcomes. There are a regimen of prescription drugs that can help, it has also been found that meditation and mindfulness can help with the condition.

One of the most revolutionary methods out there is called equine therapy. Equine therapy has helped many veterans to shed their scars or at least get used to them. For Army veteran Brian Mancini he found that horse therapy helped him immensely.

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