This Veterans Were Boarding A Plane. But Don’t Miss The Surprise They Got! UNREAL!

Veterans give out a lot of themselves to serve their country. They work very hard and go through many hardships to guarantee our security and our freedom, and many of them even lose their lives while doing it. In the video we featured today, you will witness a very touching moment that occurred during the start of a regular commercial flight. A crew member from the flight knew that these war veterans were going to board the plane, and she tried to give them a little surprise to honor them.

The flight attendant shown in the video announced through the speaker that a honored group of World War II veterans was entering the plane, and she asked the other passengers to kindly give them a warm welcome.

Usually, flights are a rather cold experience, since everyone is rushing to just get to their seat and get through the flight as fast as possible, so you wouldn’t expect much response from a request like this. Thankfully, everyone close to the gate actually listened to her and started cheering and clapping for the brave heroes. This made for a surprisingly heart-warming scene, in the most unexpected of places too!

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