Veterinary clinic draws in customers with the funniest outdoor sign

Everyone knows a bit of humor can add a healthy dose of playfulness to your day. That was something that the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic knew, so they decided to use their sign outside specifically to accomplish that.

While most people might use their business’s sign to display prices, discounts or store information, this animal hospital was known for its “dad jokes” and goofy puns. This video houses some of their work over the years.

The jokes on the sign range from playful non-sequiturs to puns that will have the reader chuckling, albeit ruefully. Other messages on the sign muse about unanswerable questions like, “I wonder what my dog named me.”

Some of these jokes were related to dogs and cats like, “Dogs can’t operate MRIs, but catscan.” But others had nothing to do with pets, and they were still hilarious.

So often, people get so caught up in being a “professional” that they forget to take the chance to have fun. Businesses like this one show that you can have fun while still being professional.

Those who are more fiscally minded might worry that this practice could be bad for a business, but based on the comments and over 450,000 views, this business practice has garnered a lot of attention.

According to locals in the Carroll County area, this veterinary clinic brought smiles to many faces as they drove by. Even people who lived across the country said they would have gone to this veterinarian solely for their sense of humor alone.

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Veterinary clinic draws in customers with the funniest outdoor sign