Chimpanzee Spends Evenings Surfing, Watching Videos on His iPhone Like the Rest of Us

Chimpanzee iPhoneAmazing animals will always get our attention on social media, be they ghostly white giraffes or adorable ‘Shorkie” puppies — or in this case, a chimpanzee casually surfing Instagram on his smartphone just like the rest of us.

Mike Holston (@therealtarzann on Instagram) posted a video of an Internet-savvy ape scrolling, swiping,  and browsing with intent and precision unmatched by most adults, scrolling better than most of the humans I know. Head below to check out this chimp that’s gone viral.

The remarkable footage shows the chimpanzee holding an Apple iPhone XS Max with a rugged OtterBox case (our personal preference, too, when it comes to protecting our iPhones) as he watches videos on Instagram, and this isn’t random behavior and erratic tapping on the screen. No.

The chimpanzee is surfing like a pro, swiping right to go back, browsing individual post thumbnails, and selecting the ones that catch his eye. He’ll then swipe back to the home feed and scrolls down to view more, being very selective and choosy about what to watch next, putting a considerable amount of thought into his leisure activity.

The original Instagram post has seen over 1.5 million views on the photo/video sharing platform as other users on Pinterest, Reddit,  and Twitter have been sharing the awesome video.

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