Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Watching ‘The Lion King’ — Gets SO Emotional During Heartbreaking Scene

Pitt Bull - Lion KingRescued puppy goes viral for her emotional reaction to the ‘Lion King’

You have to have a heart of stone if you’ve never cried during Disney’s animated movie of The Lion King.   Lion cub Simba finding his father’s lifeless body is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in Disney movies, right up there with Bambi.

While dogs have an amazing sense of humans’ emotions and are able to comfort us so well, a dog showing empathy to a scene on TV is something else.  Most dogs can’t even see the motion on TV screens.  Luna is an exception, though.

Pitt Bull - Lion King

Luna is a four-month-old Pitbull rescue adopted by Josh Myers and his girlfriend, Hannah Huddleston, from a shelter in Tennessee.  The pup was one in a litter of twelve who was born to a stray dog before they were taken to a shelter to be put up for adoption.

One night, Josh and Hannah sat down on the living room couch to watch The Lion King.  As usual, Luna joined them and was occupied with her toys on the floor, but she kept glancing up at the TV every so often. Clearly, the Disney film had piqued her interest.

During the tragic scene between  Mufasa and Scar, the couple noticed the puppy suddenly stop playing with her toys.  As cub Simba discovers his father and begins to cry, Luna stands on the couch and begins to watch the movie along with Josh and Hannah.

In the video Josh captured, Luna is staring at the tv, completely engrossed in the dramatic death scene.  You can see her start to get worried and begin to whine as Simba tries to revive his father.  “She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad,” Josh wrote on Facebook.  “We don’t deserve dogs. Four months old, and she’s already showing empathy.”

Pit Bull Puppy Can\'t Stop Watching ‘The Lion King’ — Gets SO Emotional During Heartbreaking Scene