Tiny Home Designed For Senior/Disability Living Gives Mom Security and Independence

Innovative “Tiny House” Designed For Seniors 

There’s a new housing trend sweeping the world, tiny houses engineered to be senior/disability/mobile friendly.

Growing older is a gift. Unfortunately, that gift also comes with its own burdens, often meaning a lack of mobility and thus a loss of independence. This spectacular tiny house design has helped to give mobility and independence back to one very special lady though, through some very clever small space design to create a senior, disability, and mobility friendly tiny house.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome as we age is housing.  Most people end up having to move into a senior or assisted living facility or move in with family or friends.  However, the family in this video came up with another option for their aging mother that wouldn’t take away her independence while still protecting her safety.

Tiny houses have started to gain popularity because of their mobility, affordability, and accessibility.  In the video below you’ll meet a woman named Ferne who owns a company called ‘Tiny Footprint.’  She has designed some exceptional tiny houses over the years, but the one she is the proudest of is the one she built for her own mother, Merle.

Merle won’t admit that she’s getting older; instead she says she is reaching “a more mature age.”  Unfortunately, with the “maturity” has come many new challenges when it comes to accessibility and mobility.  She broke down and finally admitted that she needed some help and decided to move back to be closer to Ferne. However, Merle wanted to make sure that she would be still be independent and have her own space.

“Aside from just the practical aspects, there are some truly stunning features built into this home too, such as the incredible porch area with surround cafe blinds, heated flooring and a very clever bed-lift.”  – Living Big In A Tiny House

With her mother’s needs and safety in mind, Ferne set out to design the perfect home.  Ramps were installed at the entrances to ensure that the home was easily accessible, and the entrances themselves were built with wide entry points that were free of any trip hazards.

Kitchen counters were lowered to make them a more convenient height for Merle, and many other safety precautions were installed, like an induction stove top that automatically shuts off when pans are removed.

While safety was a major concern in the construction of Merle’s new home, Ferne also wanted to provide a beautiful, relaxing space for her as well.  The tiny home is furnished and decorated impeccably and includes gorgeous porch from which Merle can enjoy the acres of beautiful property surrounding her in the breathtaking countryside.

Ferne even took the time to make sure the exterior of the house was enjoyable for Merle.  She had specially-built raised garden beds installed around the house, so Merle could still easily enjoy a favorite past time, gardening.  From the porch, she can easily watch the wildlife in the area or just enjoy her crafts in the sunshine.

The joy and pride on Merle’s face were easy to see as she eagerly showed the cameras around her home.  She was especially in love with the underfloor heating, the safety, security, and added independence her little home gave her.  Beaming with happiness, she told the camera, “It’s my little bit of heaven.”

What a creative way to use space and ensure that Merle was safely cared for as she ages.   She can keep her independence as long as possible in such a beautifully designed space, made just for her.

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Tiny Home Designed For Senior/Disability Living Gives Mom Security and Independence