This Video Just Proves That Even Big Cats Love Cardboard Boxes! Cute!

I don’t know about you, but I simply love cats. Big, small, fluffy, tall, I do not have any prerequisites when it comes to my love for the feline kind. But you know what I also love?? Big cats!! Something about them draws me in like laser beams, although I have enough sense and compassion to realize I can’t keep one inside my home (I mean, a tiger is cool, but, yeah, I’d like to keep my flesh intact!).

But the best part about big cats is, they really aren’t too different than our domesticated house cats if you really think about it! I mean, they both love to play, they are protective mothers, they love to perch, and best of all, this video proves they ALL love themselves a good ol’ cardboard box. Get prepared for this healthy dose of feline cuteness:

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