Ballerina Performs Eye-Popping ‘Spider Dance’ — And It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Milena Sidorova, DancerMilena Sidorova is a professional dancer,  Olympic gold medal winner, internationally recognized for her award-winner dance and her choreography, and she was recently named Critic’s Choice “Outstanding Dancer” in Dance Europe magazine — but mostly she’s famous for her astonishing “Spider Dance” routine.

Milena has said in interviews that as a child she was obsessed with spiders. When she needed to come up with an eye-catching performance that would astound the judges and create a sensation, she took inspiration from her childhood fascination with these eight-legged critters, and she ended up choreographing an astounding dance routine aptly and simply called “The Spider.”

 Marina SidorovaWatch as Marina Sidorova effortlessly channels her inner arachnid through her incredibly fluid dance moves while still managing to be graceful is utterly hypnotic to watch. The degree of skill and coordination is mindboggling. This routine is clearly the product of years of painstaking practice.

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Ballerina Performs Eye-Popping \'Spider Dance\' — And It\'s Unlike Anything You\'ve Ever Seen