Susan Boyle Returns To ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ After 10 Years With Historic Comeback Performance

Susan BoyleSusan Boyle makes an emotional return to Britain’s Got Talent and there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Susan Boyle made a dramatic comeback to the Britain’s Got Talent stage ten years after the audition that forever changed her life.

Fittingly, she chose to sing the song that started it all – “I Dreamed a Dream.” Ten years ago, a slightly awkward, rather ordinary-looking woman took the stage to sing this song, despite heavy skepticism from judges and many in the audience.

BGT Susan BoyleThe episode begins with Susan walking onto an empty, dimly lit theater stage and taking the mic in hand. Her voice can be heard singing her trademark song, “I Dreamed a Dream,” while various contestants made their way to the BGT stage.

Then, the music builds, and the curtains rise to reveal Susan singing in front of the live audience. The crowd cheers at the emotional reveal that was ten years in the making. Susan emotionally put her whole heart into the song that shot her to stardom, but this time she was much more comfortable in her own skin.

Her beautiful voice effortlessly floated over every square inch of the huge auditorium, and not a single person could look away. As she finished, everyone stood to their feet and cheered loudly for this incredible performer.

Visibly touched by the appreciation and love, Susan struggled to hold back tears. Seeing this, judge Simon Cowell quickly met her on stage to thank you for returning to the BGT stage and to give her a hug. He told her, “Still got the magic, Susan, haven’t you?”

Afterwards, judge Alesha Dixon told, “Having Susan perform was a magical moment! You could feel the love in the room…It’s incredible to see how far she has come, and in turn Britain’s Got Talent has a lot to thank her for.”

Surprisingly, Susan admitted in an interview that she hasn’t spent any of her hard-earned millions yet. She explained, “Life before BGT was incredibly hard. I’d been the sole carer for my elderly mother, money was incredibly tight, and I struggled to pay the bills and buy food…It was a pretty miserable existence, and I always felt like an outsider looking in. I’m not a big spender, because for forty-seven years I didn’t have any money, so I like to save it for a rainy day.”

Whatever Susan decides to do, or not do, with her earnings doesn’t change the fact that she is an amazing inspiration and encouragement to so many people – people who are living the existence Susan did before BGT made her a household name. You’ll get chills after watching the emotional opening to this episode.

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Susan Boyle Returns To \'Britain\'s Got Talent\' After 10 Years With Historic Comeback Performance