Vintage 1965 Footage Reveals Art of Being a Supermarket Checker

A 1965 production by ‘The Front Line’ featured tips for being an effective supermarket checker. The film was presented by ‘Reader’s Digest’ and the ‘Super Market Institute.’ If you wanted to be a good checker, this would explain the tools of the trade.

Workers are shown stocking supermarket shelves. The narrator says, “Some people call this a war. War or not, one thing is sure, a daily battle is being waged in supermarkets all over this country. A battle for the customers’ dollars.”

Later, he says, “Like any battle, the victory is won on the front line.” Then, it shows hundreds of carts and people lined up at the store checkout. The narration continues, “With nearly millions of dollars at stake, success is measured in pennies.”

There are clips of old cash registers with big buttons with numbers on them. Every line had a checker and multiple people in line. No other job affects the success of the supermarket more than the checker.

The checker reflects on the store and the entire staff. Their primary obligation is to keep the traffic moving. The film features three former queens in the ‘Checker of the Year Competition.’

Ruth Buzzi for B&B supermarkets in Tampa won International checker of the Year in 1964. Next is Pat Hilton of the Alpha-beta supermarkets in La Habra, California, who won in 1962. Finally, it shows Rose Scalavino for Star Market in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who won in 1963.

These experts in the field go through how they start the day and their routines, including grabbing cash from the master checker in the morning, checking for bags, and cleaning their stands intensely. It is a challenging job, but these experts give great tips for success.

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Vintage 1965 Footage Reveals Art of Being a Supermarket Checker