A Waiter Having A Bad Day Is Overcome By Emotion When He Gets A Generous Christmastime Tip

While dining out with his family, Maurice Green noticed the waiter looked like he was having a really bad day. So, he thought, why not bless the young man and give him some encouragement? On the waiter’s next visit to their table, Maurice asked him his name and how his day was going. Johnny introduced himself and conceded that his day had been “kinda rough.” Maurice replied, “I kinda sensed that” and handed him a $100 tip. “I want to sow into your life.” The waiter was so overwhelmed that tears started to well up in his eyes. “You just paid off my car, sir.”

“I can sense you’ve been working hard, and I think you done had a bad day,” Maurice continued, “and so God told me to sow into your life big time.” Pointing across the table, he continued, “I was asking her, ‘Should I give him twenty percent and add a zero to it?’ So I said, ‘Baby, I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to give him twenty percent and add a hundred dollars.'” Maurice also offered Johnny some sage advice: “Keep being who you are. Keep being nice. Don’t let people frustrate you, because people are not nice, and this family — the Green family — wants to bless you. Merry Christmas.”

But Maurice didn’t stop there. “You know what? Let me do better than that.” He handed the waiter two more hundred dollar bills. “That’s three hundred dollars. I’m into blessing people. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you.”

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