This War Veteran Suffers From PTSD, But Watch What This Wolf Does For Him

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious condition that affects many veterans all over the world, and finally awareness campaigns and efforts are taking place to help our veterans lead better lives and get the help they need when they return home. War veterans often suffer from PTSD unbeknownst to others, and it is time their silence is heard. There are a lot of therapy programs conducted to help vets deal with their emotional scars and these range from conventional to animal therapy. Animal therapy usually includes the use of dogs, but recently, horses have also been brought into use. Now there is a unique alternative to medication called wolf therapy as well.

This video gives us a glimpse into the Warriors and Wolves program. This program takes place at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Lockwood Valley, California. At this center, the mission is to heal vets through the help of nature. There are forty animals housed in the facility that were rescued from terrible situations themselves. Veterans volunteer to help out and that’s how they end up making connections with the animals. These veterans have also survived through terrible conditions, making them better able to relate to what these animals have suffered through. They seem to understand each other and form close bonds as a result, and this is a mutually beneficial relationship for them both.

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