Watch this 108 year-old woman sharing her secret to a healthy and long life

At 108 years old, Jessie Gallan, the oldest woman in Scotland, has decided to share some of her wisdom gained throughout life as well as what she believes has given her such a long and healthy life.

We all want to be able to live long lives going into our 80’s, 90’s, and maybe even over 100, but what is far more important than just living a long life is making sure that that life is a healthy and beautiful life, filled with wonder and excitement. We want to make sure when we live far into our older years that they are equally if not more enjoyable than our younger years.

Well, Jessie Gallan is certainly a person who has lived a life that is both long and wonderful. At 108, she is still full of cheer and wit, always making sure to be present with the ones that she loves. She even finds time each week to stay fit and active in group activities.

In this Video, Jessie reveals not only what she believes is her secret to a long and healthy life, but also what she has found to be some of the greatest sources of joy for her over the years and the secrets to living a happy life. This incredible woman is truly a source of joy and wisdom for everyone around her, and if you felt as moved by her wisdom as we did, please be sure to share this with your family and friends.