Watch A Wild Bobcat Take A Nap Atop A 40-Foot Cactus

A wild bobcat in Gold Canyon, Arizona, found himself chased up to the top of a 40-foot giant Saguaro cactus. After taking a brief nap to make sure the danger passed, he climbed back down and went on his way.

According to Curt Fonger, the photographer that captured the event on camera, a mountain lion was seen chasing this little bobcat across the Arizona desert. In order to get away from the much larger cat, the bobcat scrambled up the trunk of a 40-foot giant Saguaro cactus and sat down at its top.

While he was later able to get down and return to his home, the bobcat spent a good deal of time on top of the cactus, even seeming to take a nap on the spiny pinnacle of the monstrous plant.