Watch A Young Faith Hill Sing A 1994 Country Version of Elvis Presley’s “Tryin’ To Get To You”

Covering the 1955 Elvis Presley song “Tryin’ To Get To You,” Faith Hill filled her tribute with every ounce of her country origins. Just listen to how twangy she sang when she was just starting out. How music styles change over the years.

Performing during a tribute night dedicated to Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee, Faith Hill chose to sing this particular song with a country slant. It makes sense because before sliding closer to the pop music genre in style, Miss Faith started out as a pure country artist.

Singing with beauty and clarity, Faith Hill gave bright energy to the famous Elvis song. It’s said that she covered many of his songs over the years, and was a huge Elvis fan.

Interestingly enough, the song was originally written by classic rock group The Eagles. While they recorded and released the song in 1954, it was Elvis Prestley that picked up “Tryin’ To Get To You” and ran with it, recording versions of the song on five different occasions.

Faith Hill was just one of the acts during the “Concert at the Pyramid” Elvis tribute event. Miley Cyrus sang with her father Billy Rae Cyrus that night, as did Eric Clapton.