Watch an angry cockatoo who is told to go to her cage throw an incredible tantrum!

I read once that people tend to treat animals as if they were humans but it’s hard not to do so when your bird sounds like the one on the next video. I had not considered getting pet birds until my mother was given one by one of her friends. I’d always thought that birds were just too noisy and obnoxious.

My mother got a parrot from this neighbor who had like 30 of them. Apparently, her birds were hatching new birdies every so often and it got to a point where it was too complicated for her to take care of that many. What this neighbor did was to give a parrot to each of her friends and some of her family members.

I had heard of parrots being able to repeat conversations and phrases before, but when you went to this woman’s house it was like that and then some. Imagine about 20 adult parrots who knew how to talk. When one of them decided to start a conversation, all the rest would follow. They would normally start speaking very softly but their volume would escalate very fast.

Now imagine having that every day, 7 days a week! She was going to go crazy very fast if she didn’t do something about it. I actually confirmed this when I went to visit her one day with my mother. Everything was quiet, and my mother and this neighbor were having a normal conversation over coffee. Suddenly, my mother said something a little bit louder and everything went downhill.

One of the parrots repeated what she had said, and the rest tried to do the same. Some of the other parrots said something unrelated and before you knew it, you had 20 birds talking so loud you could not even follow a conversation in the kitchen. My mother suggested that she might want to move some of the birds to the backyard.

This way they wouldn’t all be together which was what would usually set off the chain reaction. The neighbor did that, and it helped a little bit. Eventually, the woman started giving the parrots to her friends and family until she was left with about 10 of them. This was for me an example of just how loud birds can get.

The bird in the following video is probably the queen on talking back. Her owner has just told her that she needs to go back to her cage. She is not digging it one bit and decides to tell him what’s really on her mind. Get ready for the funniest bird tantrum of all!