Watch This Cat In Dad’s Arms, He Really Loves Cuddling. His Face Says It All!

If you’ve ever had the luck to be a cat parent, you know how our feline friends love to cuddle. Of course, they have their own terms and requirements for it, but it’s a real necessity for them. Once they’re in a cuddling mood and the setting is appropriate, they won’t stop asking for cuddles until their purring desires have been satisfied.

The following video shows a cat that really just loves to cuddle. You can see for yourself how satisfied he looks when his in his dad’s arms. This is the most adorable and cuddly cat video I’ve ever seen. He’s just so happy to be in his human parent’s arms, and he really shows it.

Sometimes people tell you that cats are cold and can never love anybody, but that has come to an end. You can just show them this video and let them see how wrong they were all this time! They might take their time to get used to people, but don’t be confused: they love us like we can’t imagine.

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