Watch this incredible makeover. Even her husband can’t recognize her!

Have you ever watched those makeover shows? I started watching them a long time ago. First, I think these shows are actually doing a community service. Wait! You don’t believe me? Just think of what other option would most of the people who appear on these shows have? The format is very similar between them. The participant is usually picked by the producers of the show.

People mail or email photos and stories from one of their friends that they feel desperately needs a makeover. These shows often cover all the aspects of the makeover. From hair, makeup, wardrobe, to how to carry yourself in any social situation. They have all the bases covered and feature all kinds of phases, so the person will be a totally different person.

I saw a case that featured a middle-aged father. He was a single father of two girls. The girls’ mother had passed away and the man had never remarried again. He lived a very busy life and said he didn’t have time for the dating scene. His daughters were now 18 and 16 years old. They wanted their father to meet new people and at least have a few friends he could hang out with.

They sent in pictures, and by the look of them, he was in dire need of help. His clothes were severely outdated. He didn’t believe in renewing his wardrobe because there were more important things to spend money on. He also needed a different haircut, “he looks like it’s 1978,” they said. And finally, a dentist visit had to be booked immediately. After many years he had lost several of his teeth and just pulled them out himself.

The cast of the show did all sorts of things. They gave him a gym membership, a new haircut and even got him an appointment with one of those life coaches who specializes in teaching people how to better carry themselves in any social situation. From social etiquette to knowing what fork, spoon, and knife to use for any fancy dish that might come their way.

I thought I had seen everything out there until I ran across the next outrageous video. It features a married woman that has let time and lack of care for herself get the best of her. Her case was sent to the show’s producers for a show called “the makeover guy.” The cast of the show get to work on her and by the time they finish, she is left looking like a different person. The change is so shocking that not even her husband can recognize her! Just look.