Watch Jordan Smith’s majestic performance of “Mary Did You Know”!

Do you have a favorite singer out of all the talent shows? I know it is a very tough question to answer because how can you say one singer is better than the others, right? I guess here it’s a matter of which type of voice you like. In my case, I prefer powerful voices, voices that raise eyebrows and get noticed. Maybe it’s just my taste in music or the fact that not a lot of singers have them.

Powerful voices don’t need to come from adults, either. There are plenty of young contestants that have shown that a powerful voice does not have an age. I remember the first time I heard the guys from Il Volo. Yes, I am not talking of Il Divo, which is another group, a very good one I might add. Il Volo is a group of three teenagers that came out of a talent show in Italy.

You can actually google them, and you’ll find many of their performances. The group members were even younger then, maybe 13-15. But I was totally and utterly amazed by their voices. They sang exactly the same back then as they do now. That contest had both male and female contestants. They would sing all sorts of opera songs, from classics to more contemporary ones.

When the producers started having them sing pop songs is when they really saw their potential. Of course, classic opera singers will always have an audience, but opera singers that sing pop songs are I guess more marketable. From the very first one of these songs, you could clearly see the potential. The producers started hatching a plan.

Once the show was about to come to an end, they decided to launch the careers of the three they deemed to be the best and more marketable. They would do it in a group format and it took off like a rocket. The reason that they became very popular is because of their powerful voices and good looks. And the rest is history.

The singer in the next video I believe will make some history of his own. His name is Jordan Smith and he has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard. Get ready for this next performance where he sings one of his favorite Christmas songs. The song is, “Mary did you know?” You are about to witness history being made, I guarantee you won’t want to miss this one.