Watch this new incredible magician that will make you question your sanity.

I’ve always been obsessed with magic and magic tricks. I remember watching the greats like David Copperfield on TV. I was about 7 years old when I saw my first magic show on television. I had seen other magicians of much lesser caliber perform with a very convincing sleight of hand that would puzzle even the trained eye.

But watching David Copperfield disappear elephants, bridges and cross from one side of the Wall of China to the other, was totally out of this world. I instantly became a fan. I, like many other people started to wonder, “how does he do that?” I figured there had to be a way of learning that. So, I decided to become a student of magic, a pupil of the art of deceiving the eye.

Not really knowing where to start, I headed to my local library. I had seen books about pretty much everything, so they had to have something on magic, right? I asked the librarian and she directed me to a couple of shelves located at the end of the library. They were next to some books that looked heavy and big. To my surprise, they had a whole section on magic!

I read everything from the story of magic, to books that taught you the basics in theory. Reading all those books, I found out that magic had a lot to do with coordination and being fast. I read a couple of books on card tricks and decided to start practicing. I found out that it was easier said than done. I would practice every time I had a chance. I would always have a deck of cards in my pocket and I would rehearse some tricks while I was waiting for the bus, going with my mom in the car, or waiting for anyone.

With time I started getting good at it and started doing shows in front of my parents and family. I even took part in a talent show at school and thought I did pretty good. I later found out that even though I didn’t win, I had placed third. I became very skilled with card tricks and would be asked to do some tricks each time I attended a birthday party or some family gathering.

I later decided to leave magic for something to do on weekends and focus on school. I never became a famous magician (well, not yet), but magic remains something I have a lot of respect for. I still like to watch magic videos on TV and YouTube and have recently found one that has amazed me beyond comprehension. This magician is starting to make waves in the world of magic. His name is Shin Lim, and this is his act. Watch closely. I am sure you won’t be able to figure out how he does it, even if you rewind!