Watch the awesome reaction of this bird to his birthday present!

Did you ever get your dog or cat a present for his or her birthday? You may find this weird, but I did. I always believed that our furry friends enjoyed birthday parties as much as us. The first time I had a doggie birthday party was when my first dog turned 1 year old. I was very excited at the time and had told my mother that I wanted to do something special for Blackie.

Blackie had been adopted while he was still a puppy. He was a very fun and energetic dog who changed our lives for the better. We had been looking for a furry friend to adopt and my father took us to the shelter to pick one. My father used to say that you never pick the dog to adopt, the dog picks you. I believe that’s exactly what happened.

We walked past his kennel and he started barking as if he was trying to get our attention. When we went to see him, he started jumping up and down. We got excited to see that and told my father that he was the puppy we wanted to adopt. After my father took care of all the paperwork, we were on our way to show Blackie what would be his new home.

When he turned one year old, I organized a doggie party for him. I invited some of his dog friends over and I even baked a cake for them. My mother told me that it would be better if I prepared their food myself, and I was very happy to do so. My mother did end up helping me with the food, so the party could finally start. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Blackie and even tried to have him blow out his candles.

Instead of this, he ate a large portion of the cake along with his dog friends. We gave him presents and took a lot of pictures. When I showed my friends from school what the birthday party had looked like, they all laughed. This would not be the only birthday party I would organize for my dogs, but it was definitely the most entertaining of them all.

The bird in the following video is celebrating his 5th birthday and his family is making sure he is having the best time possible. They prepared a bird cake for him and even sang Happy Birthday. When it was time for the presents, they knew exactly what to get him. When Marnie the bird sees his present, he has the best reaction ever!