Watch this mailman’s amazing reaction to 5 dogs at a front gate!

What do you think is the most difficult thing for a mailman to do? I’ve always wondered that and even wanted to be a mailman myself when I was a little kid. One of my neighbors and I would ask him if we could work with him one day, and he would usually say “no.” One day, they had this thing at work where they could take a child (their own) to work with them for an hour, so they could see how a working day was like for them.

Since he didn’t have any children, he asked my parents if I could go with him, and they said “yes.” So, off I went. A day in a mailman’s life was as exciting as I expected. I found out about many things that he got to do on a daily basis. One of the things that I had never given much thought to, were the risks they need to take with dogs from the homes where they need to deliver mail.

I never thought about stuff like that because if I saw a dog, I would normally pet him. I never had an incident in which I needed to run for my life from one. The mailman was very careful with this, and there were many houses where he pretty much knew how long it would take for their dogs to get to where he would be delivering the mail. So, he put the packages on the front porch as fast as he could, and by the time the dogs arrived, he had already finished.

There have been a few stories about some mailmen who have been mean to dogs and have even been visited by police to clear that out. I mean, I am not saying that what they do is right, but you do have to feel for them. Imagine everything they need to go through daily. I know this because as a kid I got to go with them and got to see firsthand.

Now, not everything has to be sad news, as you will find out when you watch the following video. A man by the name of Aaron Hernandez lives in Texas and has 5 dogs. He heard a lot of mean stories between dogs and mailmen, and he wanted to make sure that it was not the case with his pups. So, he set up a hidden camera to find out the truth and THIS is what he discovered!