Watch what happens when 100 cats take over an IKEA store

If a trip to IKEA isn’t enough of an experience for you, imagine if a hundred cats took over the store. Their marketing gurus ran with that idea and made a wonderful commercial where the store completely goes to the cats.

According to one member of the advertising team, they were thinking: “Let’s do an experiment. Let’s take a hundred cats, release them in IKEA. Actually do it, for real, at night when the store is closed and let’s see what happens. They might do nothing, they might run and hide under shelves, they might have one massive fight…” And as the creative director explained,”The idea behind the work is that cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside, they live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort. So we released a hundred cats in to the IKEA Wembley store, for real, to see where they went and what furniture made them happy.”

So after closing time one day, they took 100 borrowed rescue cats and let them loose in the Wembley, England IKEA store. Far from sitting there doing nothing, hiding, or having a huge brawl, the cats had a great time frolicking all over the store. There was so much to explore, so many textures, so much to scent mark, and all kinds of things to play with! And then there were all the shelves to climb on and countless places to perch. A furniture store turned out to be a feline paradise. There wasn’t much trouble either: only a few fights broke out and one cat was trapped behind a partition (a hole was cut so he could get out).

Check out the video posted below to see all the feline action for yourself. There’s no word on whether the cats were treated to the famous meatballs from the store cafeteria.

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