Watch The World’s Most Disciplined Dog! WOW!

Boy do we have a great video for you this time! If you don’t know who Clark the dog is, he is an amazing dog who has incredible discipline!

Sean Sarantos from Anaheim Hills California, started filming his dog during the most amazing situations that would normally be irresistible for almost any other dog. Seriously, this takes some will power that most humans couldn’t even accomplish!

But not for Clark! He uses zen-like focus as he sits with meat or some other mouth-watering temptation on his nose, but NEVER abandons his focus or gives in to the pressure. Now that’s some serious talent.

This takes dog discipline and dog training to a whole new level! The time and training it must have taken for Clark to accomplish this is amazing. But credit to both of them…owner and dog for a job well done!

See the dog who could balance multiple treats on his head. What amazing focus he must have. I am interested to know how many bloopers were produced before this video was completed!

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