Wedding day becomes incredible crash scene

A couple in Florida sprang into action when a pedestrian was struck by a car during the middle of the couple’s wedding day.

While a Florida couple was enjoying the sweet moments of their wedding ceremony, they did not expect that in moments they would be responding to a crash scene.

That is what happened for these two sheriff deputies, who put their own wedding on hold to control the crash scene while help arrived.

A pedestrian had been struck by a car, and fantastic wedding day photos clearly display the bride standing in the middle of the road, directing traffic while medical personnel works in the background.

When asked about the situation, the couple said that they were simply doing what they thought was right and what they were expected to do as deputies.

One thing is for sure – these newlyweds will have a great story to tell to their children one day about the most exciting wedding day they have ever experienced.

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Wedding day becomes incredible crash scene