Tear-jerking wedding surprise with ‘Stand by Me’ flash mob

The flash mob trend continues to produce viral videos. While flash mobs have appeared in many places, few have performed in the middle of a wedding ceremony.

There is a long pause as a bride and groom stand in front of a church filled with loved ones. People wonder what is happening until one guest rises from the congregation to sing the first verse of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand by Me.’

In the middle of the verse, a groomsman takes over the singing. The camera shows the bride and groom in shock and tears as they watch their family perform this beautiful song.

Then, a larger group of the crowd stands and sings the chorus. They sing, “Darling, darling, stand by me, oh, stand by me.” Multiple people have solos in the second verse, and they all sound surprisingly good.

In the final chorus, they all walk to the altar and sing directly to the bride and groom. The happy couple laughs and smiles as they are serenaded by their family and friends.

In the end, they walk back to their seats as the rest of the crowd claps along with the bride and groom. The entire event was planned and rehearsed without the bride and groom ever knowing.

The flash mob of talented amateur singers amazed the crowd and shocked the bride and groom with this musical gift on their big day. ‘Stand by Me’ debuted in 1961 but remained a timeless classic.

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Tear-jerking wedding surprise with \'Stand by Me\' flash mob