West African Man Sees His Brother After A Long Time. What Happened Next Moved Me.

Long distances between families is hard. It can be because one of them left to go to another country for a better opportunity at life. Their family has to stay behind. Technology has made communication a lot easier – they can talk face to face on a computer, for example. It’s not the same, though. Which is why Shannon, the wife of a West African man named Jeffrey Gabi, decided to help bring his family to visit him.

Jeffrey got a surprise when he came into his Boston house. His brother, who lives in Florida, was standing there to greet him. The two of them gave each other a big hug. It was obvious that the older brother was not expecting this. His giddiness showed that his day had been made. There were a few moments where he stood there looking at his brother like he was making sure that he wasn’t a mirage

As if it wasn’t enough to see his brother, his mother, who lives in West Africa, snuck out of the other room and surprised him. If he was overjoyed seeing his brother, this sent him to a whole another level of happiness. Jeffrey ran into the other room with his mother following him. He knelt on the floor and embraced her, sobbing. Mother and son were reunited after a decade apart. It felt like the years just melted away between the two of them.

While this is a very sweet reunion – there is one drawback to part of the video. When Jeffrey saw his mother and then ran into the other room and collapsed onto the floor… we saw what kind of underpants he wears. It felt like that old Bill Murray plumber sketch on Saturday Night Live. I was like, “Aw.. he’s overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of his mother. WHOA! OK, Jeffrey… time to invest in a new belt.” Other than that, I hope his mother got to stay a long time.

I was moved by this video so much. I can’t fathom what it would be like to have a parent live all the way on the other side of the world. The furthest I was away from my parents was a couple of states over. What about you? Did it tug at your heart? Please leave a comment below!

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