What could go wrong when Eunice and Mama go to a fancy restaurant?

In Season 9, Episode 20 of ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ the gang presents a sketch titled, ‘The Family that Doesn’t Belong in a Fancy Restaurant.’ The scene opens with violins playing in a beautiful restaurant with people dressed in suits and lavish gowns.

Harvey as Ed, Carol as Eunice, and Vicki Lawrence as Mama. Harvey tells the waiter they are here on a free pass they received. He leads them to a table as they marvel at the chandeliers and plush carpet.

Harvey is thanking and complimenting everyone. Mama asks to sit in the middle because she doesn’t want anyone to step on her feet. Harvey yells, “Jehosophat! Look at these prices.” Harvey can’t understand how people can afford it, saying, “They must be crooks!”

At the same time, Mama is stuffing her purse with the free mints. Eunice fights her to put the mints back. Eunice asks the waiter for ‘Pink Lady.’ She’s so excited she orders one for Mama too.

Mama returns from the restroom and shows Eunice a roll of toilet paper she stole. They all travel to the salad bar, complaining about the self-service, and they make a mess trying to use the tongs.

Eunice orders from the waiter. Ed orders a hamburger and fires, proclaiming, “The sky’s the limit.” The waiter informs Ed that the coupon is for two free dinners, and he freaks out when he realizes the food is so expensive.

Eunice yells at him for being a cheapskate. After repeatedly yelling, the waiter asks them to leave the restaurant. Mama says, “Are you going to stand for that, Ed?” He stands up and says, “I got better salads in the Army.” The family leaves the restaurant as the sketch closes.

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What could go wrong when Eunice and Mama go to a fancy restaurant?