When Hip Hop Meets Ballet, Sparks Fly And (Some) Clothing Drops

This Beautiful Dance Routine Features A Meeting Of The Minds Between A Ballet Dancer And Her Hip-Hop CounterpartWhen a ballet dancer walked up to a hip hop street performer, we thought a dance battle was about to break out. We were never so happy to be wrong.

In a beautiful blending of two dance styles, a ballet dancer works her magic alongside a hip hop street performer. What starts out as a clash begins to meld together into something truly special.

One fan gushed: “This is one of the first ballet vs hip hop videos I’ve seen that has melded both together equally. Usually, ballet is the one adjusting to becoming more ‘hip hop’ as if ballet is the one that needs to change. This one has both types of music, both types of dance, and neither one becomes the other. Neither one is worse, nor better, and both are presented as equally beautiful. I love it!”