When He Kicks This Puppy For No Good Reason, Instant Karma’s There To Get Him Back 10x Better! Take That!

A security camera captured footage of a dog abuser getting exactly what he deserved with this dose of instant karma.

Watch this video to see a man run into an Internet Café in order to kick a dog that is wandering around. But after he abuses the animal, you have to see what happens – it’s the perfect revenge.

Once he swings his leg at the dog, the man slips and falls down – hard – on the tiled floor.

You can see the man writhing in pain after falling onto his hip after losing his balance when he tried to kick the cute dog for no good reason.

By the end of the video clip, the man struggles back up onto his feet.

As you can suspect, the video went viral shortly after its release getting more than 225,000 views in just a few days.

“The only way this could be better is if they added scooby doo slipping noises,” one commenter said.

“I hope he had some keys in his back pocket,” another viewer wrote.

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