When They Reunited a Grieving Mom with Her Lost Babies, Her Reaction Had Me Grabbing For Tissues! Aww!

When she was in labor, Asha Attie, a tiny Shih Tzu, was abandoned at a Los Angeles animal shelter. She was in terrible shape. Her fur was matted and infested with fleas and the mama dog clearly had been neglected. Fortunately, a team was ready to rescue this poor pup from a terrible life.

The matted hair was so bad; Asha Attie couldn’t even nurse her puppies once they were born. It literally blocked them from getting close enough. But rest assured, her heart-warming story has a happy ending.

After she birthed her pups, the Bill Foundation got an urgent call asking if they could rescue the Shih Tzu and her puppies. The organization stepped in quickly and quickly took her to the vet.

The mother was separated from her puppies so she could be groomed. She was in such bad condition; it took 90-minutes to shave this mama dog. But when she was reunited with her babies, it only took seconds to provide them the nourishment they needed.

The very second she is brought back to her puppies; it is clear she is overcome with emotion and eager to give them everything she can and show them a happy life.

After getting the care she needed, Ashe Attie was the perfect mother to her babies.

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