Which Of These Baby Animals Is The Cutest? That’s Right, All Of Them

Baby animals come in all shapes and sizes, but which one will be the cutest? From the tiny baby hippo to the elephant calf splashing in the water, it’s a tough call. But no matter if you choose the baby sealion snorting hello or the young horse that doesn’t want to share his ball, the winner is all of us.

This is the ultimate cuteness showdown. Our contenders come from 17 different species all over the world, from tiny turtles to fuzzy owls, from adorable snow leopard cubs to bright-eyed baby lemurs. Whether feathered or fluffy, sleepy or excited 17 enter, all will win, but which one is your favorite?

What is it about baby animals that capture our attention? Is it the giant eyes? The big heads too large for their bodies? The teeny little snouts and feet? All these traits babies are designed with make us want to huggle them to pieces, and I see plenty of these cuties that make me squeal with delight.