His wife discovered he was cheating and gave him an epic birthday surprise

Once this woman was sure her husband was having an affair, she planned her next step. It combined the principles of “what goes around comes around” and “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

There were a lot of little red flags that raised her suspicions. Her husband was always laughing and grinning when texting someone — his mother, so he claimed. He was frequently staying late at the office, though whenever she called, his co-workers reported he’d left hours before. A final, not-so-little red flag was the time he went out “to get milk” at 11:30 at night and wasn’t back until 2:00. At that point, she hired a private investigator.

She waited several months, until her husband’s birthday, to confront him. Waiting gave her time to find a new place to live and for the private eye to collect evidence. Why his birthday? When she asked what he wanted for his birthday, he claimed he didn’t want to be reminded he was getting older and besides, he had so much work to do: maybe she should just go on a fun trip out of town with her friends. After finding a bottle of champagne stashed in a closet, she decided to plan a birthday surprise. Sure, she told him, she’d go out of town with her friends.

Next, she told his parents, sister, and some friends that she wanted to give him a surprise party with everyone sneaking into his room with streamers, kazoos, birthday cake… At 8:30 in the morning on his birthday, they flung open the door and yelled, “Surprise!” There was her husband stark naked with his mistress. Mom dropped the cake, his sister screamed, his father started shouting. Her soon-to-be-ex husband was sobbing and screaming while his mistress was desperately trying to get her panties on while trying to flee. “Needless to say, it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.”

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