Wild Penguin Always Returns Home To His Best Friend, The Brazilian Man Who Saved His Life

When retired bricklayer João Pereira de Souza went for a stroll along the beach in 2011, he likely didn’t think the day would be much different than any other. But when he saw a Magellanic penguin on the sand, everything changed.

The penguin, named Dindim, was covered in oil and struggling to survive. De Souza took him home, got him clean, and fed him some sardines. The penguin perked up, and de Souza knew what he had to do next: release the penguin back into the wild.

Dindim had other plans, however. De Souza left him at the water, but the penguin came back, again and again. In fact, Dindim has never quite left de Souza since that day.

“The funniest thing is, the penguin might stay here for a week,” on local fisherman said, “then it walks down to the beach and leaves. It spends 10, 12, 15 days, then comes back to the same house.”

Now, Dindim spends about eight months of the year with de Souza. The penguin is not only loyal, he’s a jealous type, and throws tantrums when any other animal tries to get near his human.

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