‘Wildcard’ opera singer blows AGT judges away with surreal performance

It turns out that opera/pop singer Daniel Emmet was holding a wild card. The gifted singer is still in the game and proves he should still be on the show.

On America’s Got Talent 2018 the final 36 contestants must be whittled down to just one. Daniel Emmet was one of three acts brought back as “wild-card” choices, after fans’ negative reactions to his premature expulsion from the show.

The amazing opera piece you’re about to watch is sure to stun not just for its beauty but also for its origin because the “opera” that Daniel sings is by Aerosmith. Suffice to say, the judges were started to delight, giving a well-deserved standing ovation.

Heidi exclaimed, “Oh, my God! You really are one of the best, strongest singers we have on the show. If I had one more Golden Buzzer, I would push it. I loved that note.”

Simon replied, “I am so happy I persuaded the other three to put you through. You may not realize your voice is so powerful it lit the stage up. That was a moment. Hats off to you.”

Howie also was stunned, declaring, “It was surreal. I felt like my parents took me to see Pavarotti doing Aerosmith.”

Mel B also chimed in, “The key change was everything. If I had one criticism, I would have started quieter so when it came, it was bigger. You can sing!”


\'Wildcard\' opera singer blows AGT judges away with surreal performance